LIKE -Magic Music Video Editor App revisa


This app has issues because every time a make a Video it says it is Uploaded but every time I go to My Video it is not there!


Hi! Im Prinshi! (Prin-see) and I absolutely LOVE your app! You get to make videos and add stuff to it to make it better! You can see others videos and i just love it! I would like maybe some more stuff to add to the videos and I already thought of one for ya: it should be called glitter and whenever you wave your hands or feet around there’s glitter that follows it and you can also pick out the color of the glitter! It can be multiple colors or just one. Well i hope to see this in the future and thats all i have to say. Unicorns and Hugs, Prinshi

Super powers

The app is great it’s smart for everything in it but one thing there’s a bug for me when I record a super power everything goes fine until i try to send it my things just black and I can’t do anything

Just one thing

I love LIKE but the only thing I would add is zooming in on my vids

Need to delete NOW

Tell me how to get my phone number off of this app and permanently delete it


Ok I almost cried from anger. This app is a lie. It’s a good idea. But every time I try to do magic and do the moves it doesn’t even work. I don’t know why I thought this would work.


Honesty I’m a bigger guy so I practically have to stand far away to fit in but because I’m about 5’6” it just doesn’t work with the sensor.

Love it!

It Is Awesome And I love everything about it!!😄😄😄

Hi lol

Hey can’t I change my username 😂

Their are hackers

I got hacked and some one got my password. This app is not safe I do not recommend this for anyone


I’m on level 43 and still don’t have the live option and some are under 16 not ran by parents and have the option to go live or is even crowned...


This app is amazing and is family friendly! You can make fun videos and watch your favorite people! There are tons of cool effects and transitions I recommend this app over an other! And also it’s free!~~~~sincerely~~your favorite user~~~~ and btw I gave you guys 5 stars!

Like live

I have a lot a fans and my fans want me to go live so I can u pls let me go live pls I want my fans to see it at least


I love the app but I’m level 67 with a parent managed account but still can not go live can you please tell me why it is not working! My LIKE ID is Ryshrilla and username is 🐻Rybear🐻




Hi can you change the payment password to a password I can not do the payment password. From Oliver_Pink


I can’t change my country/state

Serious Issues, Read before download 😬

Where do I start, I’ve been using this app for a while and the home page is still super confusing, I only rarely use this app only when I’m editing because I love the filters I like posting them after the fact but they end up putting my edits as private because the have an app watermark, super dumb and REALLY annoying, over all this app is like the buggy cheap crappy version of musically (and there’s so many fake robots🙄😤)


Why would you call me Crystal when my name is not Crystal my name is Kaelyn jeez

I hate it.

It is scary- and I know I sound weird when I say this, but listen to me. This app makes you download effects, which is creepy, because its as if its giving you a virus. And when that one girl talked with a LOUD VOICE, it scared me, and i bet you i’m going to get nightmares. It told me to get out of the camera range, so I did. And a big RED EXCLAMATION MARK came out of no where saying I didn’t. Okay, number 1, I WASN’T EVEN CLOSE TO THE CAMERA, And 2, why does it have to be a big exclamation point? It looks like its giving a warning or something wrong is with my iPad, Seriously.. It’s weird. Not downloading ever again. I dont recommend this. It scared me when that girl started talking.. bye.

I don’t understand

I got the app and I started trying to make superpower videos but after I finish recording it doesn’t let me see my finished product.

Pretty Great

I’ve been using LIKE for 5 months now, and plan to stay with it. There’s so much to do! 4D Magic, Superpowers, Shaping Magic, Stickers, Dialogue, and there’s always a Live to watch! I have had some slight issues with the app, but nothing that made me want to stop using it. -Thank you for making LIKE

I chose this over musically

I chose this app cuz the ppl in musically can kidnap u. Also cuz my cousin had it. When i first tried it out i was scared cuz it was my first social media app. Now i can adjust to this life and IM ADDICTED but there are lots of fake ppl on like commenting fake comments please stop this stuff im tired of them doing this i want to report @CoolCrizz because he is a bad person he scams for subcribers on his youtube and tricking kids my age into thinking hes nice. Ban him!

Best app ever

I love making videos is hard but worth it!

I can’t download it

When I went to download it it would not let me and I can’t get the app


keeeeeeeeeps crassssshingggg


LIKE someone is getting threatened to get KILLED ok and leting them do that LIKE NOTHING can redo that LIKE I hate this app it’s very dangerous ok why did you even create this app ok! IF U DOWNLOAD THIS APP U WILL NOR COME OUT ALIVE OK DO NOT I SWEAR Here is to not to get endangered by LIKE NOT talk to ANYONE on LIKE 2.of they have scary photos and stuff look out for that 3.Make sure if u wanna contact your friends on LIKE then MAKE SURE it is your friend NOT respond to ANYONE on your comments Stay safe kids! And if you want this to happen Download LIKE If u don’t stay away from LIKE FOREVER! And no I’m not making this up a girl on LIKE @Hanna Noel this is happening to her she is crying ask her I’m telling you ask her and she will ABSOLUTELY say yes ok so stay safe!


Like made me lose my account I miss my account so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Good but one problem

There are to many fake people

Not working

I was really excited until I was in the superpower part. Every time I was finished record, I would press play and would not see how I did and when I post it it is all a black screen


Does it show magic live if your not one the level? When you get it where do you click

Needs something MORE

I love this app. I love the new updates. But something to make it cooler is having a more custom controls, like color on the bottom and top bars, customizing your profile page, and like the messages need a new look. Then there’s the bad stuff, see when you try to have two accounts it only lets you have one, on one device. Ooo also on the comment section your comments should be different colors. Well I guess what I’m saying is that people would love it even more if you could customize more!!!! Love this app SOOOO awesome!!!

Can’t go live

I’m on level 45 but I can’t go live the button hasn’t arrived please I really want to go live

Kicks me out and too many glitches.

Is a great app but has too many glitches and kicks me out of the app every time I am in the middle of video. And does not save.

Not very good

When I download I thought it was going to be good but I did the super power mode and when I finished it doesn’t play the video please fix the app.


When I made a hashtag it was Spanish even though I wrote it in English

Great until update

I love this game and all the effects. But please fix the update. When I go into a video I can only see part of the screen. And it’s really irritating and annoying. Please fix


Ok so this is the same girl that had issues with glitching in the past. It glitched so bad that the icon on my home screen was just white nothing else white. So I was forced to delete it along with roblox. But since I got my new phone it works perfectly fine and I was able to sign back in to my old account. I love this game there are so many possibilities the developers had some great imagination. (Yes that is a compliment). You can use a feature called touch magic to make your videos glamorous. You can even use a feature called music magic it’s hard to explain but it’s amazing!!!!!! I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ this game!!!?!?!?!!!!!!


Can you please remove the stupid please stand in the shaped area its not working for me

Zero star for not having a/c delete option

There are many fake accounts because people don’t know how to delete account


I have a MAJOR problem 😡Like recently rewarded me from the LIKE World Cup BUT,They gave me WAY LESS diamonds I should be awarded😔I earned 67k diamonds from the LIKE World Cup but gave me 33 diamonds 🙄I want what I deserve ,So please DEPOSIT THE REST OF THE DIAMONDS I DESERVE 😑. Sincerely,LIKE ID:STAR_POWER

Great concept

For some reason, the app isn’t letting me watch the videos I record :( other than that it’s amazing!


Since it updated and it changed how old you have to be from 13+ to 17+ I’m not able to download it.

Heheh I never played it

I haven’t played it but I am 10YEARS OLD BYE BYE NOW

I love this app but I have a question...

This app is great. I really love it. I just had a question about how to become a rising star. At first I thought it was about followers but then I noticed that the the 2nd place person had less followers that the 50th. So I was just wondering.


This app is so amazing it has no problems and it is good u can make special effects videos superpowers face stickers! No wonder it called like because I LIKE it a lot. It is also kid friendly.

The worst

First things first they won’t like 10-year-olds come on but they were lit five is six years old come on here and that’s just not fair to 10-year-olds they say you got a B-17 but they live in six year old people on here Second of all when I say I was 17 day let me go on there when I say I’m 18 Leilani gosh what’s the problem with this thing I can’t even do anything


Меня взломали что делать?

Good! But there are ALOT of bugs.....

So, i just updated the app about maybe 3 days ago... i am on an ipad air2 so it might be because of that, but when ever I try to watch a video, it meshes together with all of the other ones. It’s REALLY annoying. It is pretty good except for that fact. Sorry to bother you, i just wanted to let you know. 👌

I love it but I have a suggestion

So my suggestion is that the Like App should have two modes of videos, for example, I need to add superpowers for a movie I make, could you add landscape video in the next update? Because that’ll be awesome. And thanks for removing the watermark!

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