LIKE -Magic Music Video Editor App revisa

More filters please

I know it takes a lot to keep this app going but could you please add more filters please you don’t have to but please try thank you for this amazing app

I love this app soooooooo much! 5 stars granted!

❤️❤️❤️AMAZINGNESS❤️❤️❤️ How’d u make it so awesome? Happy Halloween btw 🎃

Good enough

As long as you guys stop sending notifications every time someone you follow posts something ,it will be the perfect app🙂


Поставлю 5 звёзд когда зделаете полное удаление аккаунта


Better than tiktok


Overall I love this app way better than Tik Tok to me but it doesn’t let me unlike my own videos.


AWESOME!! I loved this app since I was like, eleven!!

Almost perfect!

This app allows your creativity to expand, explode, disappear, and come back again! It’s super groovy! However, there is one thing I wish they’d change. You cannot save your finished masterpiece to your phone. You can only post to the Like app or share a link to folks to download their app. Most people do not want to download an app to watch something. And what if I wanted to put my masterpiece on a DVD? Can’t do it. Forever stuck in the Like app unless some genius there makes a change. Please consider this sweet genius. You can keep your shameless logo promotion at the end of video. I see no issue with helping promote your super groovy app.


que saco!estou quase saindo do app!NGM RECEBE NOTIFICAÇÕES DOS MEUS VÍDEOS E EU TENHO 60 mil fãs

I love this app

This app is amazing. They always have the latest stickers, best effects etc. My vids just look better overall when filmed in this app vs anywhere else!

I have a problem

I love this app but I have 1 problem I reached lvl 40 on my acc @🐻Makßear🐻 7 days ago and it says I’m 118 because my mom controls monitors and approves all my vids and she agreed to be on my lives but I still don’t have the privlage to go live! Like can u fix this?


I love the app but it does not let me record the screen turns green and deletes everything


I hate the fact that u guys have a shaping filter bc basically u are calling US FATTY. Im offended. But I luv the other filters.😑

Good but horrible users

So I love this app it’s kind of everything I’ve ever wanted buttttt, the users..........there is one user who followed me and they Have inappropriate posts. So plzzz get rid of them.

Can you make a new update?

I really want is when you have a private videos can you make them in a section? Just like when you make your video and even though it’s’s thing. I do want it on Like and I don’t use musically at all I Like more than musically. Can you make that into a new update for it? because it will be a lot easier to find your privates. That’s the only thing I want done, I cannot think of anything else.


I have a MAJOR problem 😡Like recently rewarded me from the LIKE World Cup BUT,They gave me WAY LESS diamonds I should be awarded😔I earned 67k diamonds from the LIKE World Cup but gave me 33 diamonds 🙄I want what I deserve ,So please DEPOSIT THE REST OF THE DIAMONDS I DESERVE 😑. Sincerely,LIKE ID:STAR_POWER


This game is he best game i ever played! By the way, we need to get this @Cool Crizz person off the app every time i block him he makes a new account, but thats not your problem! Me and my friend really want a update where you can make a live duet! I hope that that can happen so we can go live together shes at level 68 and im at level 43❤️❤️ thanks for making the app❤️❤️😂😀

Sick sick sick!!!!!

Seriously I thought this app was amazing at first UNTIL now when I scroll all down through my feed or even on the regular page and I see these little girls and I mean little girls wearing crop tops and shaking their butts!! Then there are grown men calling them beautiful!!! I have reported these videos over and over and y’all aren’t doing anything about it!!! That’s why I went back to

How to go back to your account

I change my phone and they don’t have an option to enter your name or username or password so I wonder how to do it to go back to your same account?


Downloaded the latest version. Simply merged two short videos. No special effects besides a filter and music. It said not to close the app, so I left the app open while I took a full shower. Still. Up. Loading...0% 👎

Fake People!

I just want to say, do you you take us for fools and don’t think we notice that the people commenting on the videos have NO POSTS. That’s right I found out about your little scam and this is a disgrace of an app. Don’t recommend it. I would also like to call the people who operate google so I could tell them to make me able to post a review with 0 stars because that is it, this app is trash!


I give it one star because the magic did not work tic toc is way better

I love it but...

#1 I love it but I don't like that you get texts from strangers. If they want to say something they can just comment.#2 I like that you can text your friends but you can't delete the texts. I would really love it if you changed these things. THX

LIKE is awesome!

LIKE is awesome! After experience it seems amazing! My first video in 2 days got 50 views! This app is awesome!

It’s honestly good🍓🍓🍓

It’s really good it’s just that the slow mo’s are really hard to create (I don’t even know if you can make a good one)it’s just really sad because my growing channel couldn’t really have good content I suggest you should do an update that fixes the Slo-mo things thank you so much if you read and reply to this hope you have a great day everyone that reads this


I love this app

Fake people

I like this app but they’re are so many fake people I can’t tell apart the real from the fake. I understand why they’re are but all of my likes are so far fake. If possible can you limit them I would like to make internet friends on here but I can’t do that when I can’t tell apart the ale from the real


This app is so good! But it glitches so much. When I try add effects or making a video it just suddenly turns green and goes to my home screen and my phone dies. It’s annoying cuz I love the app! I use Tik Tok to and it’s annoying cause no I use the effects there until something is fixed. And yes, I updated. Nothing, please help. If nothing is fixed then I’m just going to delete the whole app. Have a good morning/evening/ night!

Takes too long for videos to upload

And you Should not be able to download someone else’s video and edit without that uses permission. If I can do it to someone else they can do it to me. Where’s the privacy privileges?


My powers don’t even work!?!? Why?? Of course you make it work for them but not me!?!? I’m definitely deleting this

Love the app pedo ring?

As much as I love creating my content and if you reading my review please follow me at smoovegrooves I love this app and I hope videos on the app goes viral and stuff but there’s one problem there is a Hidden pedo ring we need to fix now I hate that there’s children exploiting theam selfs to old weird men examples twerking little girls with shirts off belly dancing I know this app is 17+ but chould we fix that and I hope that they do and wish the best of luck to everyone using the app😎


I just got a message from a random account whose name is just a bunch of numbers. My niece uses this app to post fun video and such kind of like Snapchat. Well this random guy message me asking for my pics... not just any pics but sexy and nice pics. My niece is less than 10 yrs old and is a beautiful girl it she can look older than she is. This guy had the nerve to ask that of a young girl. I had a hunch what it was so I asked him for a normal pic of him like his face. He sent a 5 sec video of him pulling out his d*** to me and showing it off. I was so disgusted and told him how dare he do that on a family friendly sight. After that I blocked him. But now I’m trying to figure out how can I report him to like but can’t seem to find it. Maybe someone can help me out with that. If you ever run into the account with ID saying ID:126661334 please block and report as soon as possible. This guy is a creep and can be a potential pedifier.

Like app

This app is amazing! But one problem. There is some people that are fake and some people that are real. And I’ve seen my child and texting a man. And he was sending GROSS pictures.and if you want to follow me my profile is:🐨Kayla Koala🐨

Bad take a look before you get this app

It’s just terrible all around it’s bored I just got the app looked into it and deleted it it’s stupid and dumb it’s only for people who have no life

My mom banned the app from my phone..

So this is a good app! I had like 6 ibfs and all of us were a group, there were good effects and they were FREE! But there’s so many scammers and child predators on this game! Almost everyday random boys would ask personal questions! My mom figured that out and now I don’t have it! So, even if I try to get the app I can’t cause it’s banned and my mom has to do a thing! And so when I report these people NOTHING happens to them! So I’m warning people, DO NOT TALK TO THESE STRANGERS! ❤️

waste of storage

this app is fun but there needs to be a privacy update or else im deleting this app because random guys keep messaging me

I got banned

if there was 0 stars I would rate it because I got banned for no reason just because I made a fan account about Danielle Cohn


I’ve been hearing about ppl getting hackers and leaving this app and hurting themselves bc of them☹️😢PLZ HELP the worst hacker was the hacker on my friends account when ppl text her the hacker reply’s I texted her and the hacker told me “shut up dumb a**”. I hated those words I really want them to stop they are making her lose her friends now she does not want to post and I do not want my friends to leave hope you read this PLZZ HELP IM SO UPSET 😭 😢all y’all say is sorry you unsatisfied with like and then tell us to make suggestions in now that’s a computer saying that and I will tell cause That just not right I get the same comment back every time I write a review if you don’t stop I will expose u

Not kid friendly

No privacy at all. You cannot remove the videos and predators sending kids inappropriate messages. DO NOT Download to your kid’s phone!!

Having an issue

My user ID Is @💎Dazzling_Aly💎 and when I reached level 40 to go live I did and my mother was right behind the camera and not even 5 minutes later I got banned?? Can you help me?

Like app

I really like the Like app. All that I don’t like is that sound accounts don’t get crowned. I am a sound account my self, @🌷spring Tunes🌷, but sometimes the app gets glitchy and doesn’t let me post and gets me really annoyed. But from that the Like app is great. I give it 5⭐️.


Can like get a zoom in effect


This game has bugs,inappropriate music/movment, it’s terrible Bugs 1. When i want to cut the music it keeps on playing for some reason 2. When your on a live stream and you leave the app without clicking out of the live it keeps playing Inappropriate content 1. When you message people they can send you sexual things and send you inappropriate pictures it’s VERY inappropriate 2. One of the top users @🌷Hanna Noel🌷 people said in a message i will come to your house and kill you and on there live stream they said the exact sames thing 3. @Mr.Q he has a VERY sexual video of his wife and him using the mose inappropriate song on LIKE its about sex and other sexual things I wish i could give this no stars


We should see the total views we have in all in front of our page🙏

Block feature needs to be more effective

Like is like was a year ago, which is mostly a good thing, except for the block feature. A blocked person should not be able to see your videos or profile info, or respond to comments: That just keeps the friction alive. What all such apps need is the option to watch videos at a lower resolution for quicker loading. Love that there isn’t a limit on how many likes you can give. There is a follow limit, but it is higher than on a competing app.

Plz add private account setting

I love this app but I want to have a private account but there is no private account setting. I would appreciate it so much if that setting was added.

Can’t delete

I can’t delete my account


I’m level 43 been passed level 40 and can’t go live while others are under level 40 and can go live and is crowned

You NEED this App!

I have had tons of music video apps, like Triller and Tik Tok and Funimate, but by far Like has seemed to impress me the most!! If you have had funimate you probably know that almost ALL the effects are for “Pros” only. Well on the Like App, you get LOADS of free effects and touch magic. This app is amazing, I recommend! I use this to make videos of my younger siblings and my family loves it! There is not a single problem I have with this app, I have some suggestions. Add more effects? A lot of people make fan / video edits of people and I’ve tried Video Star, KineMaster, and even Cute Cut & Cute Cut Pro. I want to find a efficient and easy way to make video edits without such a hassle. Besides that, I love this app, and I want more people to know about it!

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