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I got banned

if there was 0 stars I would rate it because I got banned for no reason just because I made a fan account about Danielle Cohn


I’ve been hearing about ppl getting hackers and leaving this app and hurting themselves bc of them☹️😢PLZ HELP the worst hacker was the hacker on my friends account when ppl text her the hacker reply’s I texted her and the hacker told me “shut up dumb a**”. I hated those words I really want them to stop they are making her lose her friends now she does not want to post and I do not want my friends to leave hope you read this PLZZ HELP IM SO UPSET 😭 😢all y’all say is sorry you unsatisfied with like and then tell us to make suggestions in now that’s a computer saying that and I will tell cause That just not right I get the same comment back every time I write a review if you don’t stop I will expose u

Not kid friendly

No privacy at all. You cannot remove the videos and predators sending kids inappropriate messages. DO NOT Download to your kid’s phone!!

Having an issue

My user ID Is @💎Dazzling_Aly💎 and when I reached level 40 to go live I did and my mother was right behind the camera and not even 5 minutes later I got banned?? Can you help me?

Like app

I really like the Like app. All that I don’t like is that sound accounts don’t get crowned. I am a sound account my self, @🌷spring Tunes🌷, but sometimes the app gets glitchy and doesn’t let me post and gets me really annoyed. But from that the Like app is great. I give it 5⭐️.


Can like get a zoom in effect

Love it! But some of the peeps..

I love posting everyday i love watching live streams a month ago there was this man asking me to show my full body and be his girlfriend i kept saying i was 8 he kept saying i was 14 but i have another small complain they have got ridden of superpowers and 4D magic my user on like is LegacyAura🍀Lps⚡️ if you need it for any reason


This game has bugs,inappropriate music/movment, it’s terrible Bugs 1. When i want to cut the music it keeps on playing for some reason 2. When your on a live stream and you leave the app without clicking out of the live it keeps playing Inappropriate content 1. When you message people they can send you sexual things and send you inappropriate pictures it’s VERY inappropriate 2. One of the top users @🌷Hanna Noel🌷 people said in a message i will come to your house and kill you and on there live stream they said the exact sames thing 3. @Mr.Q he has a VERY sexual video of his wife and him using the mose inappropriate song on LIKE its about sex and other sexual things I wish i could give this no stars


We should see the total views we have in all in front of our page🙏

Block feature needs to be more effective

Like is like was a year ago, which is mostly a good thing, except for the block feature. A blocked person should not be able to see your videos or profile info, or respond to comments: That just keeps the friction alive. What all such apps need is the option to watch videos at a lower resolution for quicker loading. Love that there isn’t a limit on how many likes you can give. There is a follow limit, but it is higher than on a competing app.

Plz add private account setting

I love this app but I want to have a private account but there is no private account setting. I would appreciate it so much if that setting was added.

Can’t delete

I can’t delete my account


I’m level 43 been passed level 40 and can’t go live while others are under level 40 and can go live and is crowned

You NEED this App!

I have had tons of music video apps, like Triller and Tik Tok and Funimate, but by far Like has seemed to impress me the most!! If you have had funimate you probably know that almost ALL the effects are for “Pros” only. Well on the Like App, you get LOADS of free effects and touch magic. This app is amazing, I recommend! I use this to make videos of my younger siblings and my family loves it! There is not a single problem I have with this app, I have some suggestions. Add more effects? A lot of people make fan / video edits of people and I’ve tried Video Star, KineMaster, and even Cute Cut & Cute Cut Pro. I want to find a efficient and easy way to make video edits without such a hassle. Besides that, I love this app, and I want more people to know about it!

Can you help me

When ever someone posts it gives me the notification an hour or a few hours after it’s posted how do I fix this or can you help me

It’s cool but

Pushing forward doesn’t work and so many bugs

Missing features

A lot of the features I use, like the bombs and the lighting, were gone. I like to use these features when me and my friends are messing around. I now only have features that have the person enter or leave the video. I hope they bring back the other 4d magic

Good but an issue.

I made a hashtag called #Angelcakesfanclub. I made an example video, and the chat with like said I need one even though I already put one in. I reuploaded it with the hashtag, but it wouldn’t go through and my hashtag got deleted. Then I left feedback. It’s been more than a month and still no reply. Please help me get my hashtag back! P.S. Follow me at @AngelcakeSparkle

I like it but..

Can you make it where you can turn off comments because my mom doesn’t want people saying hate comments and can you not show the middle finger emoji and can you turn any bad words into a hashtag I still love the app!

Tiktok refugee

I’m a tik tok refugee, I made the switch to Like because the AppStore said it’s 17+ Well- it’s very clear the that majority of users are far below that page and they post a lot of inappropriate videos for their age. It weird, but rarely see anyone who looks close to 18+ on the featured or latest pages. I wish there was a way to filter that out. Maybe this is something I’m missing- but I haven’t seen the opportunity to save audios to use for a later date. A lot of time with musically- especially for my OC- I would do audio hunts and save a bunch of audios to use at a later date, I don’t see an option for that and it makes using the app a little more difficult and much less enjoyable. There are a LOT of bots, honestly. I saw where you guys responded and said you have no bots, but there’s no way someone has over 40k fans without having a single video up. In conclusion: better monitoring of the age range y’all allow- or even better- I’d love an update so anyone under 18 would just never appear- like a blocking filter for that age range. An option to save audios for later (or instructions on how to do it cause I’m lost) A way to get the bot situation under control.

Deleting an Account

Amazing app, but I accidentally made two accounts, and would like to delete one of them. I can only link my phone number to one. Is there any way you can delete an account. There is one main one that I post on regularly. I would like to keep that one. There is so much you can do in this app, and it is very easy to use.

This app is the best thing ever

This app is amazing I can contact my friends on here and I can follow people I know but just one thing how can you level up faster because I want to go live but I can’t but otherwise this app is amazing there are some bugs sometimes it goes to slow and the videos I want to see take so long and sometimes they don’t come on

Too many fake people

Every time I post a video there are likes and comments from fake users, stop this! Ps: thanks for responding but every profile does not have videos but like 1 million fans! And they always comment like....😛😛 or 😘😘😘 or I wish I was like you when I post a vid of me making a silly face.......

Super Power

I love this app, it allows so many cool things to be done! But I have 1 problem. I got the superpower feature and I can only do Flying Rock. Can you change to water or fire or other stuff? And how? I would really like to know.

I chose this over musically

I chose this app cuz the ppl in musically can kidnap u. Also cuz my cousin had it. When i first tried it out i was scared cuz it was my first social media app. Now i can adjust to this life and IM ADDICTED but there are lots of fake ppl on like commenting fake comments please stop this stuff im tired of them doing this i want to report @CoolCrizz because he is a bad person he scams for subcribers on his youtube and tricking kids my age into thinking hes nice. Ban him! There are creepy Indian people sexually harassing women on their live streams.

Every time I try to use the super power and it doesn’t work


I can’t go live

I don’t know if I have to download another app or something but I can’t figure out how to go live

Was better before

Seems ur anti got into my thing' what did ouiji say

Kk123 should be banned

Kk123 is horrible you should ban her bc she makes fun of people and I have reported her so you should at least ban her she also make very bad content and she is very annoying saying bad words and others so pls ban her

Can even open the app

FIX THIS!! My app does not show up anywhere on my device! I can not even open the app -.-


Not too long a go I tried out these cool wings as a four d thing and I loved them but now the closest to that is the rocket please add the wings back in

I wish like could be for everyone

It used to be for people younger than 17 but now I can’t use it so goodbye like I’ll miss you


I love this app so much!!! Just could you add a slowmo feature in there so we can make slowmos without having to edit on a different app. ♥️ love this app so much though!!

Like is so awesome

This app is the best app ever I like it so much I enjoy it

Please change this ;(

I love this game but it’s for 17+ and my grandma turned down the age to 12+ and I’m really sad I cried please change the age 💔💔💔💔

It’s the best

As a 1 year experienced user I love it stickers and more my transitions always got better and I always level up currently at 37. This is better than any app you could ever get

Love it but

I can’t figure out how to delete an account. I made my friend an account off of my phone number and now I can’t get back into my account. I am trying to delete her account so I can get mine back.

Did you really delete my review

They app is great, don’t get my wrong . But, there has been some kind of out break of young girls uploading videos of them twerking and show their panties. YES I am reporting the videos. And you’re not doing anything about it.

Please help me

So I, and I bet a lot of people want to know how to get a crown and badges, more fans etc. so I would recommend if you make a video how to do that, and also don’t go so far on lack of management, it’s actually really hard. That’s pretty much all. Please read this


I just updated it now I can't open it even Siri can't 😤😤😤😤😡😡ok now it works it's ok just power it off

Like app

The app is amazing but I think we should be able to zoom in when we are making videos

Great app but... 30 and 60 second recordings are..

Ok so I just reached lvl 30 and I’m REALLY happy about it cause I wanted to do 60 second recordings. But it won’t let me! (My first time). I was gonna do a comedy from someone else but it says old for 8 seconds. Why?! And then some say 12, 5. I just wanna do the WHOLE the of the comedy. It will let me on the album but not the songs. And why did u have to get rid of lvl 30? I wanna gonna make it and it doesn’t work to do 60sec recording. Please fix it. Also I don’t know why I use MY sound it’s at max recording of 13s even though it’s 1 minuet

Not uploading

I love the special effects but every time it reaches 90% to upload it says upload failure 😩.


Hello I loveee the app like I met so many internet besties like a girl named moon fox and bluebearstudios and a girl named unicorn queen BUT I really wanna become internet best friends with stefania lilly and shanbear I LOVE THE APP ANYWAY follow me at 🌻oreomarshyisla


its working now

I make roblox edits

This stuff helps a lot thanks!!

Me and my friends love this app

I love this app more than any other app I’ve ever downloaded me and my friends spend hours making fun cute little short and sweet videos right now I have like 748 videos I make new ones every day. And my favorite people are on there like trackz and rob Alexander please download this!!


My child is 16 and it said she could not get it I was wondering if you could change the age limit

I love this app!!

Omg I am in love with this app now I have over 400 fans my name is 💎DuhItzJaylie💎


I want to go live

  • send link to app