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It was okay at first but

Ok at first when I barley had got it but I started to put up my musically videos and like did not want to put it in recommendations because of the watermark I can not and may not remove it there for you guys should be fair and put it up on recommend because I spent my hard earned time on then and for them to be taken down like this is unfair especially because this is a kid app this would be unfair for a child so may you guys please remove this

It’s Okay just one thing u SHOULD change

Okay so I know I know it’s for 17 and up BUT kids go on their and DON’T need to be lessening to curse words so I thing u should put a for 17 and up thing and I’d kids press on it u should have a face scans to see if it’s a kid or an adult If people are seeing this review then u SHOULD get the app it’s GREAT app so please over power with LIKE the 2 greatest app I have EVER tryed so PLEASE download it it’s pretty good so that is my review once again DOWNLOAD IT U WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED This is the bugs that gets to me the most WHENEVER I join a live and I click out of LIKE the person is STILL talking so I HAVE to exit out of the live and THEN join another app. And some of the things I need to but to make the game better (the gems and beans) they are VERY expensive but others bugs don’t bother me enough that I have to write it in my review Hope u like my review (best game EVER)


Awesome no bugs or anything you don’t need to pay the effects look great!!!👍👌

Oh no....what?

The app is the best only....once I updated it the app went on restricted mode. I wasn’t before and I can no longer access the app. PLEASE I’M BEGGING! YOU FIX WHATEVER HAS CAUSED IT TO BE RESTRICTED! THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE APPS! Edit: the age also went up from 12+ to 17+ and may be the cause of my problems, please change it back. I had been using this app for months and nothing a TEN year old’s eyes shouldn’t see is on here. It’s clean, except for swearing which I hear all the time on TV. I’m very sad and disappointed this happened. Please fix it.

Like is the best!!!!!

You can make videos if your born in2008 and it's just awesome

Eh.. yeah and nooo

I love this app like I play it everyday but then one day as I open the app my account got deleted and now I have a new account and it's been like 26 days now and when I want to make a video it glitches and says cannot download but the good stuff is that I really like all the cool stuff like leaderboard but I don't think it should be how many likes it should be fans right maybe I'm wrong but that's just my opinion so thansk for letting me use this app it's great

Love like

I love like but if I could change one thing it would be to make it so that you can zoom in when you swipe up like on musically


Это моё любимое приложение

Fun but...

It glitches all the time. It says that I didn’t post something even though I just did and if I type a comment sometimes it just comes up as ***. It didn’t do that until recently I really like the app and I use it everyday, but these problems are making me irritated.

More music please?

This is a great app but no offense, the music on here stinks. Can we have more realavnt pop and rap songs like Kendrick Lamar Ariana grande Micheal Jackson? 🤣 but honestly the song choices are bland

Like it!

I just am wondering if you can clone yourself that’s all

Like App

Love this app so much fun and easy to use .


I absolutely love this app! I use it everyday!! I even use it to make some videos for school!! Thank you so much! 😁


This app won’t open and dose not. Appear in my Screen

Kids want to edit to

This app is fun but it’s very concerning why kids can’t be on this app! Kids like editing videos but at least kids who are 10-13 should be allowed to do this to, kids download it and then the delete it because they need a phone number after wasting their time on making and editing a video and then comes out to deleting the app I’m very sorry for writing this I just didn’t think it was right

Cool and a suggestion

In my opinion this app is really cool one thing you should add is a time you go in something if you don’t get what I mean here is a example before you get pulled in Gate Out you can set a time when you get sucked in the Gate thanks bye #besteditingapp

Can’t go live

I’m on level 42 but I can’t go magic live I know where the button is but it won’t arrive yet plz help me go magic live I rlly don’t want to quit this app

Kind of good

I like all of the affects But one problem I edit my video on musically with the musically watermark and then I get a message saying my video will be deleted and also it is my audio I created it.👎🏽👎🏽😠😠😠😠😔😔

Better than musically

Musically’s update is horrible and it’s hard to get likes and supports in the comments but in LIKE you get 15 likes in 20 seconds and people say nice things in the comments!

I like it but..

I like it but a lot of people are going “I love you 😍😘” just saying it’s kinda creepy.


Can you have a private account if so respond back to me please


You need to delete this app you copycat your copied Funimate effects AND THEY HAD THE IDEA FIRST AND YOU TRY TO BEAT THEM WELL YOU WONT!

Great app!!one thing though

It’s a great app!!it makes people a magician and everything about it is so cool 😎 i love it so much keep it up but.....I think you should update it more I wish you would have a button that lets you go slo mow for a beat drop if your are reading this p,ease do that but otherwise...GREAT APP

Best app



I love like but you need to make it 12+


The app is good don’t get me wrong there’s no bugs for me but wha I don’t like is that there are to many “fake” people. These “fake” people sometimes laugh at serious topics for example suicide. These people also talk about stuff that isn’t even regarded to the video. There are also a lot of spammers asking you to go look at there page or go subscribe to there YouTube channel.

Too good

Hey i want say this app do cool but i not to like please do something


I LIKE this app but it has some issues sometimes it freezes when I watch videos and people keep on bullying on this app and when I’m watching a live I turn my phone of I still hear them talking I think that should get fix people also be hacking others pg and when I upload a vid it stops at 85% then I have to wait like a minute for it to be done. I hope you see this and fix these problems😕


how do i report people?

All good except

Ok so everyone that has downloaded this app knows you can direct message people and people can direct message you well there’s one thing that needs to happen either direct messages are turned off and are only on for 12 and up or you can make it where nobody can direct message you or you can’t send pictures listen LIKE if your reading this there are perverts please fix this

Non visible post

I try to upload a shoutout video, I make a collage from Virgo and I save it to my phone and upload to LIKE. it says and shows that its uploaded and on my page, but my fans can’t see it. It’s only visible to me. Due to this I loose fans and my spot on the leader board

Awesome like

I like like because it has magic affect and you can post it on musicly and be famous I’m going to tell all my friends to give 5 stars

No camera 📷

Everything is good but I don’t like how the videos that I make go the Photos

Alright but magic live

It’s alright but they should make the magic live more clear! The pacifically said if u make it to level 40 u will get magic live! I have not received it yet which I then messaged y’all! And y’all said I wasn’t prepared for or something! I feel like that I’m definitely prepared bc I know a lot of people who are worse and has it! This issue needs to be fixed asap


I like it but here the fact when I share it it goes really fact when I make my demo video it doesn’t come.... i keep losing my hashtag my hashtag is #Planet..that is all I have to say

Lots of robots

There are a ton of robots that make the app not as fun to be on, u think they should be removed. All robots I’ve noticed have between 30,000 30,799. And they never post and the comment things like: loool, cool!!!, very inspiring! It’s annoying

Very Good!! An upgrade isn’t working though...

I use the app every day and I just reached level 31. I’ve tried for almost two weeks now and I can’t hold down the record button and it record sixty second. I tried so hard to get to level thirty just for that specific add on. But it won’t record sixty second. I totally recommend this app though! NEWS FLASH: THE FRICKING FAKE PEOPLE!!!!!! I’m so enraged by the fake people saying the same things on my post! I want them to be real!!! I want real people to like and comment on my stuff!!! It’s so saddening to know that the only reason I’m at like level 36 is because of the fake people following me and liking my posts. Do not recommend if you are a sensitive person!!


When ever I do the super powers it will never work I will do all of the stuff that it tells me to but when I do the video it won’t work it only worked 1 time

It’s Dumb

Please remove the automatic comments. I understand that you are trying to make it seem like we have fans but I just don’t find helpful. I keep seeing the same comments on each of my videos saying “omg your so talented”, and I’m sick of it. You are installing false hope in kids minds. Don’t believe me? Go to the first comment on one of your videos and click on the profile. The profile will most likely have zero videos but a bunch of fans. It’s just plain stupid. I want real peoples opinions not stupid fake ones.


Delete this app from my phone now

Just one minor detail

Very nice app and would definitely get 5 stars if when you save the video to your phone, the video didn't have that little heart and ID number at the bottom of it. If it's a matter of branding I get it but as a guy if I'm showing my video to someone I really don't want a heart or an ID number at the bottom of the video. If I have to pay to take it off that's cool with me or a least use some other icon instead of the multi-colored heart. Another thing is you guys need to come up with a faster way to increase your level like a paid option. It is not appropriate for grown people to be following kids, or following kids vids etc, and no one has time to post 200 vids a day just to increase 1 level. You are asking for trouble and just by one of the reviews posted you have already gotten into trouble. I know you want to increase the community of the app but forcing people to follow or like or gift to other users especially when a huge number of your users are kids is not a good idea. You need to have options for adults who like your app but do not want to do all the extras to increase their level. It’s really that simple. ***update 7/4/2018: no one seems to care to respond to my email that was sent or respond to this thread. Going to have to take a few stars away for lack of customer service.

Great app!

But it won’t let me upload my videos from my photo album anymore. Please fix this!

Three problem

I Love The App I Use It Daily But I have A Problem... Whenever I use fitting magic it gets overly complicated also in superhero it almost never works Finally When it says show your palm upwards tike how am I supposed to do that?? Other than that Good App


This app is amazing for my edits. I recommend this big time !❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😜😜😜😝😝

Pretty good

How do you add words and letters

Please do these things

Can there be like an update where u can turn the effects landscape. I’m mainly focusing on 3d magic and superpower effects. Also import videos would be very useful for my stop motions (with 3d magic and superpower effects.) Lastly, If ur gonna have the heart logo on the corner of vids, can there at leats be like an option to emove it for like $1 at least


There is so many bugs and fake people. Also the hashtag thing is really annoying😕


I’m 18 and level 40 when can I go live!?

BOO! 😡😡😡

This app is horrid! It made me do all the work to sign in, and THEN tells me that I can’t go on the app. I can’t even leave a 2 star rating.

Great app but...

This is a very fun app!!! I love it. I’m a teen so this is really fun for me. But I wish I could get a private account. I don’t really like showing my face to random people. So maybe Like can make it so people can have private accounts too. Also I wish I could video chord longer. But above theses two things it’s good.

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